Tin Redrum

What is Tin Redrum?

Tin Redrum has been a dedicated social platform for cinema enthusiasts since 2010. We established it during a time when there was a lack of spaces for bringing together movie lovers. Currently, it's in its 5th version.

The application caters to cinephiles, film buffs, and those with a curiosity for cinema. It serves as a discovery and sharing tool, aiding users in finding movies to watch, sharing their favorites, and engaging with fellow users.

What to do on Tin Redrum?

The primary feature of TR is its movie recommendation system, which relies on the favorite films of users who share similar tastes to yours.
The app offers a multitude of features. The initial step for exploring these options is adding your favorite films. Subsequently, you can:
  • Browse your collection
  • Create lists
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Write reviews
  • Follow other users
  • Export your data
  • Receive various types of recommendations

By creating a profile of your favorite films, you can easily keep track of your viewing history, share an attractive grid featuring remarkable films, or alleviate your urge for collecting.

Why the name Tin Redrum?

When deciding on a name for our app, we drew inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's iconic film, The Shining, particularly its memorable 'Redrum' reference.
Combining it with elements from another cult classic, Volker Schlöndorff's The Tin Drum, we discovered a fusion that not only sounded appealing but also encapsulated the essence of our distinct app.

Your data belongs to you

We are deeply dedicated to safeguarding your data. Under no circumstances do we sell or distribute it to third parties.
Tin Redrum operates as a free platform, devoid of advertisements or any form of data monetization.
Upon registration, we request your email address. This is the sole piece of personal information we collect, used solely for site authentication and optional notification delivery based on your settings.
Should you choose to do so, you can easily delete your account at any time, with a single click ensuring immediate erasure of your data from our servers.