Nabila and Adam are a couple of popular YouTubers whose channel received 20 thousand likes in a short time. To further boost their popularity and as a way of thanking their subscribers, the duo plans on making a series of vlogs entitled "Duet Desa" that will capture their travel across Malaysia as they experience traditional cultures. For their first episode, Nabila picks Negeri Sembilan, a state known for its Minangkabau culture. However, they get lost while on the way to their destination, due to the heavy rain that disrupts their GPS and mobile connections. When they stumble upon Homestay Abadi, owned by a beautiful woman named Suraya, they decide to stay there. It is only when strange occurrences and mysterious murders begin to happen that they realise they are trapped in the homestay. They must find a way to escape before they become the murderous owner's next victims.




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