Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Two American astronomers attempt to warn humankind about an approaching comet that will wipe out life on planet Earth.

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    • Jennifer LawrenceKate Dibiasky
    • Leonardo DiCaprioDr. Randall Mindy
    • Meryl StreepPresident Orlean
    • Rob MorganDr. Teddy Oglethorpe
    • Jonah HillJason Orlean
    • Cate BlanchettBrie Evantee
    • Mark RylancePeter Isherwell
    • Tyler PerryJack Bremmer
    • Timothée ChalametYule
    • Ron PerlmanBenedict Drask


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      Don’t Look Up takes the pulse of contemporary life and finds it crazy, scary and, most of all, funny. It doesn’t all land but enough does to make it a sharp, bold, star-studded treat.
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      Screen Rant

      Don’t Look Up is a deeply unsettling yet darkly humorous watch. It has just the right amount of comedy and zeal without losing sight of its message or the tension bubbling beneath the surface.
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      Entertainment Weekly

      Frankly, it's almost enough just to watch them all run around in states that range from manic panic to Zen serenity while McKay employs his usual coterie of meta tricks and treats. But it's hard not to long for the shrewder movie that might have been: Not just a kooky scattershot look, but a deeper truer gaze into the void.
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      Arizona Republic

      This is a stunningly accurate portrayal of our current climate. And it’s not pretty.
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      The Film Stage

      If it bears the fault of preaching to the choir’s anger more than offering real structural critique, one has to begrudgingly admire some qualities of his newest film, even as being annoyed for a good portion of the runtime is still expected.
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      The A.V. Club

      Don’t Look Up is both types of blunt: It makes no bones about exactly what the filmmakers think of climate-change deniers and social-media distractions, and it repeatedly blunts the impact of its satire by calling its shots early, often, and loudly.
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      Slant Magazine

      Like Vice before it, the film too often uses satire as a tool of castigation rather than as a means of truly attacking the status quo.
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      And so we’re left with a very sweaty film that strains to be funny, but one that’s also itching to argue that it’s lack of funniness is precisely the point. Some problems can’t be solved by celebrities alone, and the most subversive thing about “Don’t Look Up” is ultimately how — in its own impotent way — it weaponizes its wild star power to make that point.

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