Daddy or Mommy

    Daddy or Mommy


    Florence and Vincent Leroy are a model couple. They have great jobs, a perfect marriage and delightful children. And now they want their divorce to be an equal success. But when they are both simultaneously promoted to their dream jobs, their relationship becomes a nightmare. From that moment on, the gloves are off, the two exes declare war and will do everything in their power to NOT have custody of their children.

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    • Marina FoïsFlorence Leroy
    • Laurent LafitteVincent Leroy
    • Alexandre DesrousseauxMathias Leroy
    • Anna LemarchandEmma Leroy
    • Achille PotierJulien Leroy
    • Judith El ZeinVirginie
    • Michaël AbiteboulPaul
    • Vanessa GuideMarion
    • Michel VuillermozCoutine
    • Anne Le NyLe Juge


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