Blind Date

    Blind Date


    He invents puzzles. He’s committed body and soul to his work and needs silence to be able to concentrate. She is an accomplished pianist and can’t live without music. She must prepare for a competition that could change her life. They are going to be forced to coexist without seeing each other.

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      • Clovis CornillacMachin
      • Mélanie BernierMachine
      • Lilou FogliCharlotte
      • Philippe DuquesneArtus
      • Oscar CoppDan
      • Arnaud LechienPaul
      • Olivier BouanaMathieu
      • Rudy MilsteinIgor
      • Manu PayetLe caissier Picard
      • Boris TerralL'inconnu italien


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      • Anshuman Anupindi
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