Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    Maureen, mid-20s, is a personal shopper for a media celebrity. The job pays for her stay in Paris, a city she refuses to leave until she makes contact with her twin brother who previously died there. Her life becomes more complicated when a mysterious person contacts her via text message.

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    • Kristen StewartMaureen Cartwright
    • Lars EidingerIngo
    • Sigrid BouazizLara
    • Anders Danielsen LieErwin
    • Ty OlwinGary
    • Hammou GraïaPolice Officer
    • Nora WaldstättenKyra Gellman
    • Benjamin BiolayVictor Hugo
    • Audrey BonnetCassandre
    • Pascal RambertJérôme


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