The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    Dr. Steven Murphy is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon who presides over a spotless household with his wife and two children. Lurking at the margins of his idyllic suburban existence is Martin, a fatherless teen who insinuates himself into the doctor's life in gradually unsettling ways.

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    • Colin FarrellSteven Murphy
    • Nicole KidmanAnna Murphy
    • Barry KeoghanMartin Lang
    • Raffey CassidyKim Murphy
    • Sunny SuljicBob Murphy
    • Bill CampMatthew Williams
    • Alicia SilverstoneMartin's Mother
    • Herb CaillouetEd Thompson (Hospital Director)
    • Barry G. BernsonDr. Larry Banks
    • Denise Dal VeraMary Williams


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