Number One

    Number One


    A brilliant and determined female engineer is approached by a network of powerful women with an offer to help become the head of a CAC 40 firm. The conguest, which was at first thrilling, turns to complete war with the men who still dominate.

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      • Emmanuelle DevosEmmanuelle Blachey
      • Suzanne ClémentVéra Jacob
      • Richard BerryJean Beaumel
      • Sami FreyHenri Blachey
      • Benjamin BiolayMarc Ronsin
      • Francine BergéAdrienne Postel-Devaux
      • Anne AzoulayClaire Dormoy
      • John LynchGary
      • Bernard VerleyJean Archambault
      • Jérôme DeschampsLe PDG de Theorès


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