A Violent Life

    A Violent Life


    Despite the life threat hanging over his head, Stéphane decides to go back to Corsica for the funeral of Christophe, a childhood friend and companion in arms, murdered the day before. On this occasion, the chain of events which made him, the learned petit-bourgeois from Bastia, shift from delinquency to political radicalization and then to clandestinity, comes back to his mind.

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      • Jean MichelangeliStéphane
      • Henri-Noël TabaryChristophe
      • Cédric AppiettoMichel
      • Jean-Etienne BratMicka
      • Marie-Pierre NouveauJeanne
      • Délia Sepulcre-NativiRaphaëlle
      • Dominique ColombaniFrançois
      • Paul GaratteMarc-Antoine
      • Anaïs LechiaraVanessa
      • Paul RognoniMaître Patrice Giudicelli


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