The Weak Ones



    Victor has a scuffle with a thirteen-year-old boy who is part of a gang. Hours later he finds his beloved dogs murdered. He gets his gun and begins a journey on board his pick-up truck on a path that will take him across the hostile land of Sinaloa. In his search for clues he will meet disturbing and eccentric characters who may or may not tell the truth about the whereabouts of the young criminal.

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    • Jose Luis LizarragaVictor
    • Eduardo Eliseo MartínezLopez
    • Javier Díaz DalannaisPescador
    • Javier ChimaldiDon Kike
    • Joshua EstradaEl Selfie
    • Eduardo RaudaCarles
    • Ulises BojorquezEl Samaritano
    • Cruz TiradoLa Kim


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