Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding


    Frank and Lindsay—two emotionally-broken strangers—meet on the way to a destination wedding. Over the course of the weekend and against all odds, they find themselves drawn together even though they are initially repulsed by one another.

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    • Winona RyderLindsay
    • Keanu ReevesFrank
    • DJ DallenbachAnn
    • Ted DubostKeith
    • D. Rosh WrightFrank's Mother
    • Greg LuceyFrank's Stepfather
    • Curt DubostFather of the Bride
    • Donna Lynn JonesFrank's Stepfather's Girlfriend


    • 75


      Destination Wedding makes the case that the two-hander isn’t dead, even if it struggles a bit when forced to come to a neat, movie-ready conclusion.
    • 60

      The Guardian

      The pair share an easy, spiky chemistry and Reeves in particular shows himself to be surprisingly skilled at delivering such bile-filled dialogue.
    • 50

      Village Voice

      Levin at times seems rather too taken with the verbosity of his own dialogue, but here and there, his quips and situations match perfectly with his actors’ sensibilities.
    • 50


      Destination Wedding barely holds together as a coherent film. It’s too callous for coos, too chipper to examine the dark corners of the soul. Yet it works as a valentine to old-fashioned star power — two modern legends, older if no wiser, daring the audience to somehow love them for all their faults, and on that level, somehow succeeding.
    • 40

      New York Magazine (Vulture)

      Levin’s dialogue is relentless. Every line and retort is a punch line, and every punch line more or less amounts to Lindsey and Frank telling each other how much they stink.
    • 40

      Rolling Stone

      There’s a simple reason why it’s hard to imagine why anyone, much less everybody, would willingly spend time with Frank and Lindsay in this agonizing endurance test of a movie. They’re no damn fun.
    • 38

      Slant Magazine

      The way Destination Wedding uses misanthropy to augment screwball tropes ends up being its undoing.
    • 35

      Film Journal International

      Slim movies like this live or die based on their personal charm, and the sour Destination Wedding soon wheezes its way into the ICU.

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