Come True

    Come True


    Looking for an escape from her recurring nightmares, 18-year-old Sarah submits to a university sleep study, but soon realizes she's become the conduit to a frightening new discovery.

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    • Julia Sarah StoneSarah
    • Landon LiboironJeremy
    • Carlee RyskiAnita
    • Christopher HeatheringtonDr. Meyer
    • Tedra RogersZoe
    • Brandon DeWynMichael
    • John TaskerLyle
    • Austin BakerWill
    • Shane GhostkeeperAaron
    • Christopher ThomasJack


    • 86

      Paste Magazine

      Burns conjures horror so vivid and tactile that at any time it feels like it might leap off of the screen and into our own imaginations or, worse, our own lives.
    • 80

      Los Angeles Times

      In any genre, a distinct filmmaking voice and clever avoidance of cliches earns a closer look; perhaps even more so in the realm of sci-fi/horror. And no spoilers, but where Come True lands is extremely satisfying.
    • 80

      The Guardian

      As for interpreting what it all means, leave that to Burns’s therapist. The flamboyance on display here, though, promises great things.
    • 75

      San Francisco Chronicle

      Come True should be an exhilarating discovery for anyone it doesn’t put to sleep. But even if you do find yourself nodding off a little during this deliberately paced, low-humming, sci-fi horror movie, that means it’s working, too.
    • 75

      Slant Magazine

      The film offers a glimpse of a world where screens are pores in the boundary between dreams and waking life.
    • 75

      Chicago Sun-Times

      Such a brilliant, spine-tingling buildup — and such a thudding disappointment of an ending. Watching the creatively creepy and starkly haunting Come True is like going to see a great new band in concert and seeing them kill it for the first 90 minutes, only to end the night dressed in wacky costumes and playing bagpipes.
    • 75


      Sorting out what’s true and what’s not becomes so convoluted that the abrupt ending seems a case of either running out of money or ideas. Still, Come True is a movie that you’ll likely remember for the images it burns in the brain, more than for its story.
    • 70

      The New York Times

      Like “Our House” (2018), Burns’s underseen feature debut, Come True is superior throwback horror marred mainly by familiarity and, in this case, an ending that feels like a tease.

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