In a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there.

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    • Tom HollandIan Lightfoot (voice)
    • Chris PrattBarley Lightfoot (voice)
    • Julia Louis-DreyfusLaurel Lightfoot (voice)
    • Octavia SpencerThe Manticore (voice)
    • Mel RodriguezOfficer Colt Bronco (voice)
    • Kyle BornheimerWilden Lightfoot (voice)
    • Lena WaitheOfficer Spector (voice)
    • Ali WongOfficer Gore (voice)
    • Grey DeLisleDewdrop (voice)
    • Tracey UllmanGrecklin (voice)


    • 100


      Pixar returns with a great big power-chord of a movie — heart-pumping, resonant, and positively harmonious.
    • 80

      The Guardian

      Beneath the bro-friendly, fantasy-art trappings, Onward finds a little bit of that old Pixar magic.
    • 75


      Onward doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but spins it so well that it conjures a spell of its own as a new decade dawns with the Pixar touch intact.
    • 75

      USA Today

      Like a highly watchable amalgam of “Field of Dreams,” “Zootopia” and Arthurian legend, the colorful crusade features a solid hero’s journey with a slam-dunk of a finale.
    • 70


      All told, it's a terrifically entertaining tale filled with humor, heart, and allusions that are sure to delight fantasy fans.
    • 65


      Even if the film lags narratively, there’s enough flash and dazzle to keep viewers engaged, with Holland and Pratt providing a genuine balance of sibling love and aspiration for each other.
    • 60

      Screen Rant

      Onward is a good, but not great Pixar movie, with a heartfelt, if emotionally manipulative storyline, and plenty of film magic to propel it forward.
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      Movie Nation

      The animation’s good, lovely but not dazzling.

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