Nico, 1988

    Nico, 1988


    Approaching age 50, singer/songwriter Nico leads a solitary existence, far from her days as a Warhol superstar and celebrated vocalist for the Velvet Underground in the 1960s. Her life and career on the fringes, Nico's new manager convinces her to hit the road again and tour in Europe to promote her latest album. She longs to rebuild a relationship with her son, whose custody she lost long ago.

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    • Trine DyrholmChrista Päffgen a.k.a Nico
    • John Gordon SinclairRichard
    • Anamaria MarincaSylvia
    • Sandor FuntekAri
    • Thomas TrabacchiDomenico
    • Karina FernandezLaura
    • Calvin DembaAlex
    • Francesco ColellaFrancesco
    • Freddy DrabbleRadio interviewer #1
    • Matt PatresiRadio interviewer #2


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