It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse...

      It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse...


      An omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters. 'Diablo in Madrid' is inspired by the Pasolini short film La Terra vista dalla Luna (1967). 'Uber Menschen' finds a professor visiting Madrid and contemplating killing himself when an Uber driver talks him out of it. 'Purple Army Fiction' is a reworking of certain ideas developed in LaBruce’s feature film The Raspberry Reich (2004). 'Fleapit' is an homage to films that depict people having sex in movie theatres, from Lamberto Bava’s Demons (1985) to Frank Perry’s Last Summer (1969), and beyond.

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      • Sean FordAngel
      • Allen KingDiablo
      • Colby KellerProfessor
      • Alejandría CinqueYoung Man
      • Lucas CostaMale Widow
      • Topacio FreshFemale Widow
      • Edrien GuillermoBoyfriend
      • Calvin BanksUber Driver
      • Arad WinwinBig Terrorist
      • Dato FolandMedium Terrorist


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