Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    Reunited after 15 years, famous chef Sasha and hometown musician Marcus feel the old sparks of attraction but struggle to adapt to each other's worlds.

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    • Ali WongSasha
    • Randall ParkMarcus
    • Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves
    • James SaitoHarry
    • Michelle ButeauVeronica
    • Vivian BangJenny
    • Daniel Dae KimBrandon
    • Karan SoniTony
    • Charlyne YiGinger
    • Susan ParkJudy


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      From the glossiness of the art direction from Cheryl Marion (“The Predator”) to the magnetic chemistry of the cast (which also includes the always reliable Michelle Buteau as Sasha’s assistant) and the mouth-watering cuisine, Always Be My Maybe is a delightful, funny, and wonderfully layered romp that’s smart enough to break traditional rom-com rules.
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      Chicago Tribune

      In every good way, thanks primarily to Wong and Park and their chemistry, Always Be My Maybe is pure commercial product, yet it feels authentically alive where it counts.
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      The Playlist

      Like the kimchi stew it prominently features, this is comfort food at its best. Given its origins, it should feel like something out of a lab, but this is a charming crowd-pleaser in the best sense.
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      The A.V. Club

      Rom-coms have the tricky task of straddling the “rom” and the “com” part, with a lot of star-steered vehicles leaning toward the former. Always Be My Maybe thankfully focuses on the latter; there are a lot of laughs packed into its friendship-becomes-something-more story.
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      Perhaps the best sequences are multi-purpose. They’re both funny and genuine, add a bubbly buoyancy through deft wit and charm, and tweak genre conventions.
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      Los Angeles Times

      Always Be My Maybe is pleasant without being particularly powerful, appealing if not exactly transformative.
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      Rolling Stone

      It’s an irresistible romantic romp that turns the familiar into something sweet, sassy and laugh-out-loud funny.
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      Park and Wong are both innately likable, which makes the movie pleasant enough to watch, but also a bit of a slog given the ostensible inevitability of where it's heading.

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