The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    In Knockemstiff, Ohio and its neighboring backwoods, sinister characters converge around young Arvin Russell as he fights the evil forces that threaten him and his family.

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    • Tom HollandArvin Russell
    • Bill SkarsgårdWillard Russell
    • Riley KeoughSandy Henderson
    • Jason ClarkeCarl Henderson
    • Sebastian StanDeputy Lee Bodecker
    • Haley BennettCharlotte Russell
    • Robert PattinsonReverend Preston Teagardin
    • Harry MellingRoy Laferty
    • Eliza ScanlenLenora Laferty
    • Mia WasikowskaHelen Hatton


    • 83

      Entertainment Weekly

      With a cast so large and so consistently good, it's nearly impossible to single out more than a few players, though it's maybe most gratifying to see Holland so far from Peter Parker mode; his performance is delicately underplayed, which is not a claim Pattinson can probably make with a straight face.
    • 75


      Sprawling and brutal, The Devil All the Time is not for the impatient or the squeamish.
    • 75

      Chicago Tribune

      Extremely well wrought. Not overwrought. Not underwrought. Just wrought.
    • 70

      The Hollywood Reporter

      Though its structure doesn't always work to maximum effect, the grim picture gets more involving as it goes and benefits from a hell of a cast.
    • 60


      A mixed bag of bones and bodies, whose Southern Gothic atmosphere and superb performances — from Holland especially — are let down by the film’s lack of narrative focus.
    • 60

      Total Film

      Robert Pattinson delivers another film-stealing supporting turn.
    • 50

      The Playlist

      Like so many characters in this glum, shaggy ramble of a film, Campos gets lost in the woods. Most directors in his position fall victim to overreaching, as ideas overlap and confuse and weaken one another. He makes no such error, instead spreading a humbler film’s sum total of content across an unwieldy canvas.
    • 42


      There is no reason to care about anyone in Antonio Campos’ The Devil All the Time, a sweaty, bloated mess of a movie that flushes a knockout ensemble down the drain.

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