Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

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    • Sasha LussAnna
    • Helen MirrenOlga
    • Luke EvansAlex Tchenkov
    • Cillian MurphyLenny Miller
    • Lera AbovaMaude
    • Alexander PetrovPiotr
    • Nikita PavlenkoVlad
    • Anna KrippaNika
    • Aleksey MaslodudovJimmy
    • Eric GodonVassiliev


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      Los Angeles Times

      As a slick, over-the-top action picture, Anna works splendidly. It features multiple jaw-dropping set-pieces, including a restaurant hit where Anna walks in with an unloaded gun and walks out after killing about a dozen thugs. The plot, while fairly predictable, is at least craftily constructed. On its own merits, this is one rollickingly entertaining film, that under ordinary circumstances Besson fans would adore.
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      The New York Times

      Anna isn’t as stylish or gripping as “Nikita,” but it does have its own demented charm, particularly in how it toys with structure, nesting competing narrative timelines within each other.
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      And though Besson does salvage a reasonably entertaining tale, his unapologetic fetish for women who kill gives the movie an icky feeling of having stumbled across someone’s private web browser.
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      By the time it’s finally over, the only person more exposed than its star is her director.
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      The A.V. Club

      Think of it as a downmarket Atomic Blonde (a film that does Besson’s established shtick with a lot more panache and less ick) or Red Sparrow without the surface-level professionalism; what’s clear is that Besson doesn’t want anyone to think about Anna very hard.
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      It’s nowhere near the embarrassment of Brian De Palma’s “Domino,” or any number of recent studio tentpoles. Nor is it fresh enough to pretend that audiences had missed out on something special if it had been buried altogether — except perhaps for Luss, who’s bound to get another shot.
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      Movie Nation

      There are a lot of irritants and clumsy touches to Besson’s latest, infuriatingly inferior version of “La Femme Nikita” that ruin it.
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      Anna was written and directed by Besson himself and it still feels like a misfired rehash of his greatest hits.

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