Sink or Swim

    Sink or Swim


    40-year-old Bertrand has been suffering from depression for the last two years and is barely able to keep his head above water. Despite the medication he gulps down all day, every day, and his wife's encouragement, he is unable to find any meaning in his life. Curiously, he will end up finding this sense of purpose at the swimming pool, by joining an all-male synchronised swimming team.

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    • Mathieu AmalricBertrand
    • Guillaume CanetLaurent
    • Benoît PoelvoordeMarcus
    • Jean-Hugues AngladeSimon
    • Virginie EfiraDelphine
    • Leïla BekhtiAmanda
    • Marina FoïsClaire
    • Philippe KaterineThierry
    • Félix MoatiJohn
    • Alban IvanovBasile


    • 70

      Screen Daily

      Sink Or Swim works because of a screenplay with some genuinely funny moments and a jaunty, confident approach from Lellouche that displays his sure comic timing and faith in the performers.
    • 60

      The New York Times

      A gentle, genial dip into a pool of midlife despair.
    • 50

      Movie Nation

      It’s well-acted and broadly sympathetic, but a time-killer of a comedy that kills too much time for its own good.
    • 50

      The Hollywood Reporter

      The humor is sometimes strained, and Lellouche doesn't always demonstrate the lightest of touches.
    • 40

      Los Angeles Times

      Veering between sentimental and salty, philosophical and goofy, writer/director Gilles Lellouche’s Gallic stab at a “Full Monty”-style uplifter is too waterlogged with the genre’s well-worn staples (training comedy, bite-sized humiliations) and too uninterested in story/character details (turning paunchy mopers into athletic competitors) to offer anything truly refreshing about the solution to middle-aged dejection.
    • 40


      The reliably charismatic work of its players, notably ringleader Mathieu Amalric, keeps this somewhat soggy macaron diverting.

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