David, who gets by doing odd jobs, meets Léna, who has just moved up to Paris, and falls in love. But soon after, his life is brutally interrupted by the sudden death of his sister. Beyond the shock, and the pain, David now finds himself alone with his young niece Amanda to care for.

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      • Vincent LacosteDavid Sorel
      • Isaure MultrierAmanda
      • Stacy MartinLéna
      • Ophélia KolbSandrine Sorel
      • Marianne BaslerMaud Sorel
      • Jonathan CohenAxel
      • Greta ScacchiAlison
      • Claire TranLydia
      • Nabiha AkkariRaja
      • Bakary SangaréDirector of the Children's House


      • 80


        Hers delivers a hard lesson about the healing power of love and acceptance with simple and unsentimental eloquence.
      • 80

        The Irish Times

        For all that emotional content, Amanda is a pleasingly unsentimental film, never more so than in its understanding of children.
      • 80


        The film — in tandem with Lacoste’s lovely, unguarded performance — works as a magnified study in coping, charting the stages of his jumpstarted growing-up alongside the more meandering course of his grief.
      • 70

        Screen Daily

        Hers’s stamp as a contemplative miniaturist with an eye for the inner life is unmistakeably on display in this involving, typically graceful piece.
      • 60

        The Observer (UK)

        The film shies away from any kind of political commentary, and as a result feels oddly sapped of fire or urgency.
      • 60

        The Guardian

        [A] good-natured and well-intentioned film.
      • 40

        The Hollywood Reporter

        In its favor, Amanda boasts subtle, sensitive lead performances from Lacoste and Multrier, who has a rare easy naturalism for such a young performer.

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