In Safe Hands

    In Safe Hands


    Théo is given up for adoption by his biological mother on the very day he is born. After this anonymous birth, the mother has two months to change her mind… Or not. The child welfare services and adoption service spring into action… The former have to take care of the baby and support it during this limbo-like time, this period of uncertainty, while the latter must find a woman to become his adoptive mother. She is called Alice, and she has spent the last ten years fighting to have a child.

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    • Sandrine KiberlainKarine
    • Gilles LelloucheJean
    • Élodie BouchezAlice
    • Olivia CôteLydie
    • Clotilde MolletMathilde
    • Jean-François StéveninAlice's Father
    • Bruno PodalydèsKarine's Ex-Husband
    • Miou-MiouIrène
    • Leïla MuseClara
    • Stéfi CelmaÉlodie, a childcare assistant


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    • elmoujik