The Wandering Earth

    The Wandering Earth


    When the Sun begins to expand in such a way that it will inevitably engulf and destroy the Earth in a hundred years, united mankind finds a way to avoid extinction by propelling the planet out of the Solar System using gigantic engines, moving it to a new home located four light years away, an epic journey that will last thousands of years.

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    • Qu ChuxiaoLiu Qi
    • Li GuangjieWang Lei
    • Zhao JinmaiHan Duoduo
    • Wu JingLiu Peiqiang
    • Ng Man-tatHan Ziang
    • Michael Kai SuiTim
    • Qu JingjingZhou Qian
    • Zhang YichiLi Yiyi
    • Haoyu YangHe Lianke
    • Arkady SharogradskyMakarov


    • 88

      A week after seeing The Wandering Earth, I'm still marveling at how good it is. I can't think of another recent computer-graphics-driven blockbuster that left me feeling this giddy because of its creators' can-do spirit and consummate attention to detail.
    • 78

      Austin Chronicle

      The Wandering Earth is as much a love letter to disaster films as it is a worthy entry in the genre itself. That, combined with some truly eye-popping visuals, makes it a film that should be seen on the biggest screen possible.
    • 73

      The Verge

      No matter how familiar the plot beats feel, that level of attention not just to functional special effects, but to outright beauty, makes The Wandering Earth memorable.
    • 70


      Director Frant Gwo’s adaptation of the 2000 novella by Liu Cixin is no genre classic, but its furious pace, spectacular visuals, and fanciful plot deliver decent escapist entertainment.
    • 50


      Despite the production’s team of scientist consultants, the physics in The Wandering Earth is probably a lot of hooey. But the film’s world building, which takes up much of its first third, is undeniably novel and fascinating. Rarely does a film brag such a technocratic heart.
    • 50

      The Hollywood Reporter

      The visuals prove crucial, as Qi makes for a weak central character.
    • 40

      The New York Times

      It is just as awash in murky computer imagery, stupefying exposition and manipulative sentimentality as the average Hollywood tentpole.
    • 33


      Perhaps no other movie has better illustrated the golden rule of CGI: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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