The Wandering Earth

    The Wandering Earth


    When the Sun begins to expand in such a way that it will inevitably engulf and destroy the Earth in a hundred years, united mankind finds a way to avoid extinction by propelling the planet out of the Solar System using gigantic engines, moving it to a new home located four light years away, an epic journey that will last thousands of years.

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    • Qu ChuxiaoLiu Qi
    • Li GuangjieWang Lei
    • Zhao JinmaiHan Duoduo
    • Wu JingLiu Peiqiang
    • Ng Man-tatHan Ziang
    • Michael Kai SuiTim
    • Qu JingjingZhou Qian
    • Zhang YichiLi Yiyi
    • Haoyu YangHe Lianke
    • Arkady SharogradskyMakarov


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