Plus One

    Plus One


    Longtime single friends Ben and Alice agree to be each other's respective plus one at every wedding they're invited to during a busy summer of wedding fever.

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      • Maya ErskineAlice Mori
      • Jack QuaidBen King
      • Ed Begley Jr.Chuck King
      • Beck BennettMatt
      • Brandon Kyle GoodmanBrett
      • Max JenkinsNick
      • Tim ChiouNate
      • Rosalind ChaoAngela Mori
      • Victoria ParkLily Mori
      • Tom YiMitch Mori
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        [A] winning film ... Genre fans won’t want to miss it.
      • 75

        The A.V. Club

        Plus One isn’t much more than consistently amusing and sweetly romantic, but in the right hands, those qualities can still feel like a lot.
      • 75


        For romance junkies, the film checks all the boxes. For those who want a little more, it comes complete with a smart script, likeable leads, and a willingness to occasionally tweak a trope or two. My only complaint about Plus One is that the ending feels a little rushed.
      • 75

        Philadelphia Daily News

        Developments give Erskine a chance to play hurt and wounded, and she handles this as beautifully as she does the light comedy. She’s the plus in Plus One.
      • 70

        The Hollywood Reporter

        Plus One is nothing if not formulaic. ... But what Plus One lacks in originality it at least partially makes up for in warmth and watchability.
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        Film Threat

        Maya Erskine is hilarious, which is no surprise, given how funny she is on Hulu’s Pen15.
      • 65


        The movie’s real showcase gold lies in the magnetic appeal of screwball comedy natural Erskine (Hulu’s “PEN15”); she’s a major talent who rightly runs away with the movie, conjuring in the viewer’s head a constellation of wishful star turns to come.
      • 63

        The Seattle Times

        The wedding of strong actors with a solid script is what makes Plus One worthy of saying “I do” to enjoying it.

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