The Other Woman

    The Other Woman


    When Daniel and Isabelle invite Patrick and his new flame, Emma, to dinner, it’s with some misgivings. After all, Patrick has just dumped his ex-wife — their best friend — to run off with a much younger woman. But when the ravishing Emma appears, all of Daniel’s qualms fly out of the window. He’s instantly smitten with the seductive woman...

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    • Daniel AuteuilDaniel
    • Gérard DepardieuPatrick
    • Sandrine KiberlainIsabelle
    • Adriana UgarteEmma
    • John SehilLe barman (uncredited)
    • Christina CrevillénMère d'Emma
    • Joffrey PlatelMetteur en scène
    • Brigitte Aubryla segretaria
    • Sonia BonnyAssistante Dr. Sublime
    • Monica LedesmaAmie de la mère d'Emma


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