Don’t Forget Me

    Don’t Forget Me


    Tom, who suffers from an eating disorder and is recovered in a clinic, has gotten her menstrual cycle back. When the doctor tells her it’s a good sign because it means her condition is improving, she panics: the idea of gaining back the kilos she lost scares her to death. It seems like a day to forget but when she meets Neil, a trombone player with socialization problems, everything changes: the two feel a strong connection that is sealed by their shared desire to escape everything which is considered socially acceptable.

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    • Moon ShavitTom
    • Nitai GvirtzNeil
    • Tal BerkovichEinav
    • Rona Lipaz-MichaelTom's Mother
    • Lev KeretTom's little Brother
    • Tom Yaar


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    • MMind