Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)


    Harley Quinn joins forces with a singer, an assassin and a police detective to help a young girl who had a hit placed on her after she stole a rare diamond from a crime lord.

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    • Margot RobbieHarleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn
    • Ewan McGregorRoman Sionis / Black Mask
    • Mary Elizabeth WinsteadHelena Bertinelli / Huntress
    • Jurnee SmollettDinah Lance / Black Canary
    • Rosie PerezDetective Renee Montoya
    • Chris MessinaVictor Zsasz
    • Ella Jay BascoCassandra Cain
    • Ali WongEllen Yee
    • Matthew WilligHappy
    • Dana LeeDoc


    • 83


      The film’s various elements work in wonderful concert to keep the momentum brisk but still grounded in a stylized version of human empathy, from Jay Cassidy and Evan Schiff’s whiz-bang editing to Daniel Pemberton’s consciously grandiose score. The cast makes each moment count.
    • 83

      Entertainment Weekly

      Does the movie’s pop-feminist message need to be as consistently, cartoonishly violent as it is? Almost definitely not. But in a world gone mad, the catharsis of Prey’s twisted sisterhood doesn’t just read as pandemonium for its own sake; it’s actually pretty damn sweet.
    • 80

      Screen Rant

      With a wicked sense of humor and exhilarating action, Birds of Prey is fierce, fun and a total blast - and an empowering girl power superhero romp.
    • 80

      Total Film

      A bold, entertaining riot that captures the manic energy of its lead character and ushers in a gang you’ll want to join.
    • 75

      USA Today

      While Birds of Prey is all about that group dynamic, its resident Oscar nominee sparkles as the cuckoo crazy pants center of attention who's the batty wind beneath their wings.
    • 67


      It’s a girl-powered, earnestly feminist superhero movie with big, implausible action sequences and outsized personalities, and while it never quite reaches that potential, it does begin to map out a fresh path to the world-worn arena of superhero narratives. It may not be the promised total emancipation (at least not yet), but it is fantabulous in its own way.
    • 60


      If Suicide Squad felt like Warner Bros.’ deliberate attempt to replicate the quirky fun of Guardians of the Galaxy, Birds of Prey is its stab — and there is a lot of stabbing in it — at making DC’s Deadpool.
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      The Guardian

      This film is a blitz of bad taste, a cornucopia of crass, and it is weirdly diverting – more than you might expect, given the frosty way Suicide Squad was received critically – and engagingly crazy. Watching it feels cheerfully excessive and unwholesome, like smoking a cigarette and eating a chocolate bar at the same time.

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