After crashing his car, a cop who's recovering from eye surgery recruits an Uber driver to help him catch a heroin dealer. The mismatched pair soon find themselves in for a wild day of stakeouts and shootouts as they encounter the city's seedy side.

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    • Dave BautistaVic
    • Kumail NanjianiStu
    • Mira SorvinoAngie McHenry
    • Natalie MoralesNicole
    • Iko UwaisTeijo
    • Betty GilpinBecca
    • Karen GillanMorris
    • Jimmy TatroRichie Sandusky
    • Steve HoweyFelix
    • Rene MoranAmo Cortez


    • 80


      It’s both funny and familiar to see these two incredibly different personalities thrust together for what’s meant to be a short ride. [SXSW work-in-progress review]
    • 70

      The Hollywood Reporter

      The naggy tension between the leads turns into a fine chemistry. [SXSW work-in-progress review]
    • 50

      The Playlist

      A comedy that’s really quite hyper-violent, a little nasty in tone, and never as funny as it should be. [SXSW work-in-progress review]
    • 42

      The A.V. Club

      The demands of action and comedy, however, are apparently much too great a weight for this action-comedy to Lyft.
    • 38

      Movie Nation

      Nanjiani just kills when he’s grabbing stereotypes (meek, moral South Asians, overly-polite drivers) and shaking them to their senses. But the wisecracks thin out and grate when the violence takes center stage. And Stuber is stupidly violent.
    • 30

      Los Angeles Times

      It’s not the clumsiness of the filmmaking that rankles so much as the hypocrisy.
    • 25

      Slant Magazine

      More than its violence, the film is defined by its vileness, its straight-faced attachment to outmoded ideas about masculinity and law enforcement.
    • 25

      San Francisco Chronicle

      This film is like cynicism transformed into celluloid, a movie made without love and with no vision, except of dollar signs.

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