Malila: The Farewell Flower

    Malila: The Farewell Flower


    Pich and Shane, who once were lovers, are trying to heal the pain of their lives by reviving their old romance through the making the traditional Thai ornament made of the leaves and flowers that symbolize love and virtue. When Shane finds out that Pich is dying, he decides to become a monk.

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    • Sukollawat KanarotShane
    • Anuchit SapanpongPich
    • Sumret MuengputMonk Sangchai
    • Akekarad KhalongTon
    • Prakasit HorwannapakornKrit
    • Punthip TeekulTee
    • Bordin MoomeunsriPreceptor Monk
    • Veeravat JamrensanVenerable Noi


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