Daughter of Mine

    Daughter of Mine


    A daughter torn between two mothers, one who raised her with love and her biological mother, who instinctively claims her back.

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    • Valeria GolinoTina
    • Alba RohrwacherAngelica
    • Sara CasuVittoria
    • Udo KierBruno
    • Michele CarboniUmberto


    • 90

      The New York Times

      Ardent and primal, Daughter of Mine addresses complicated ideas with head-clearing simplicity.
    • 90

      Wall Street Journal

      Daughter of Mine is a triptych of vivid characters and superb performances (including that of young Sara Casu), a study in contrasting and competing passions.
    • 83


      While some of Bispuri’s scripting can be a bit too pointed for a story that traffics in such elemental textures (a brief flashback scene is particularly ill-advised), the film renders each of Vittoria’s mothers with such riveting and unvarnished empathy that you hardly even notice how their daughter is growing up before your eyes, stronger than the both of them.
    • 80


      A bold and colourful, but by no means superficial portrait of femininity, Daughter of Mine successfully embodies a set of ideas – and anxieties – about motherhood that eloquently reflect a contemporary need to reevaluate the traditional family unit.
    • 80

      Screen Daily

      Bispuri and her actresses offer a striking study in contrasts.
    • 80


      Even when it trips up in its later stages, Daughter of Mine is a noble rarity, passionately involved in the exploration of oppositional ideas of motherhood not just as an abstract concept, but as a real and vivid, painfully sacrificial thing.
    • 80

      Los Angeles Times

      Mothers are complicated. Children are complicated. Daughter of Mine doesn’t try to explain this bond — it just wants to revel in its glorious, enriching messiness.
    • 75

      The Film Stage

      Bispuri challenges us to do away with conventional notions of what a perfect mother should be.

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