Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    A pair of teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania travel to New York City to seek out medical help after an unintended pregnancy.

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    • Sidney FlaniganAutumn
    • Talia RyderSkylar
    • Théodore PellerinJasper
    • Ryan EggoldTed
    • Sharon Van EttenMother
    • Eliazar JimenezElvis Impersonator
    • David BunetaClean Cut Teenage Boy
    • Christian ClementsClean Cut Teenage Boy
    • Sam DuggerClean Cut Teenage Boy
    • Aurora RichardsLittle Sister


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      What an extraordinary film this is.
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      At once dreamlike and ruthlessly naturalistic, steadily composed yet shot through with roiling currents of anxiety, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a quietly devastating gem.
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      Hittman wades into one of the more charged subjects of our time — abortion access — with the kind of sensitivity, focus and detail that will ensure its place as a dramatic standard for how to put a human face on a controversial topic.
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      The Film Stage

      Hittman has provided an essential, specific look at just one person’s struggle to have control over her own body. By doing so with such a delicate, considered perspective, she’s giving a voice to millions of women going through the same experience. And it’s time to listen.
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      Yes, it’s a searing examination of the current state of this country’s finicky abortion laws and the medical professionals tasked with enforcing them (from the small-minded to the big-hearted), and if art can have any impact on its consumers, the film will stick with many of its viewers, perhaps even changing long-held beliefs. But it’s also a singular look at what it means to be a teenage girl today, and with all the joy and pain that comes with it.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      The teen-abortion factor tags Never Rarely Sometimes Always as an issue drama, and in the most unconventional way, it is — raw, haunting and painfully real. But it's perhaps better defined as a moving snapshot of female friendship, solidarity and bravery.
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      Los Angeles Times

      The movie’s sympathies, much like its political convictions, couldn’t be clearer. But paradoxically, what makes “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” so forceful — and certainly the most searingly confrontational American drama about abortion rights in recent memory — is its quality of understatement, its determination to build its argument not didactically but cinematically.
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      With stunning performances from two completely genuine young leads, this is a movie people will talk about all year.