Areum sits in a small café, typing on her laptop. Around her, customers enact various dramas from their lives. Is she writing what she hears or is she hearing what's been written?

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      • Kim Min-heeAh-reum
      • Jung Jin-youngKyung-soo
      • Gi Ju-bongChang-soo
      • Seo Young-hwaSung-hwa
      • Kim Sae-byukJi-young
      • Ahn Jae-hongHong-soo
      • Gong Min-jeungMi-na
      • Shin Seok-hoJin-ho
      • Kim Myung-sooJae-myung
      • Lee You-youngSoon-young


      • 91

        The Film Stage

        Are the grand and absurd moments of our lives perhaps more closely acquainted with one another then we’d like to admit? Grass seems to think so, and it delivers that assumption with a welcome–indeed, almost humane–dose of humor.
      • 90

        Screen Daily

        Grass demonstrates a fresh type of playfulness from the prolific filmmaker. It’s a movie filled with his usual intimacy, but it’s also one that’s purposefully more concerned with the bigger picture than the individual details.
      • 83

        The A.V. Club

        What’s most fascinating about Grass is the way Hong modulates the film’s atmosphere, gradually transforming its banal beginnings into something genuinely haunting and unresolved.
      • 80

        The New York Times

        When the writer opts to just let things be, the movie is at its most content.
      • 80

        Los Angeles Times

        Grass, true to its title, is small, sharp and bladelike. It may strike you as more of the same until you see it and its implications and possibilities begin to grow and multiply.
      • 75

        The Playlist

        For all the artists that populate Hong’s cinematic universe, the director has yet to foreground the creative psyche in as thought-provoking of a manner as he does in Grass.
      • 70

        The Hollywood Reporter

        Kim’s Areum is edgy, multi-layered and far from docile.
      • 67


        Much less consistently enjoyable than many Hong films twice its length, Grass compensates for its dramatic slackness and deviant sobriety by honing in on the ideas that its director’s work often skirts around.

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