One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Real zombies arrive and terrorize the crew of a zombie film being shot in an abandoned warehouse, said to be the site of military experiments on humans.

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    • Takayuki HamatsuDirector Higurashi
    • Yuzuki AkiyamaChinatsu
    • Kazuaki NagayaKazuaki Kamiya
    • Harumi ShuhamaNao
    • MaoMao Higurashi
    • Hiroshi IchiharaKasahara
    • Manabu HosoiManabu Hosoda
    • Shuntarô YamazakiToshisuke Yamago
    • Shinichiro OsawaShinichiro Furusawa
    • DonguriYoshiko Sasahara


    • 100


      As much a repudiation of auteur theory as a tribute to the imperfect process of creation, One Cut of the Dead is a thrilling reminder that of the beautiful, vital lie that is cinema.
    • 100

      The Telegraph

      In its own ingenious way, One Cut of the Dead cleaves true to the most important zombie rule of all: survival has always been a team effort.
    • 100

      Los Angeles Times

      A master class in endless narrative inventiveness and an ode to the resourceful and collaborative spirit of hands-on filmmaking, One Cut of the Dead amounts to an explosively hilarious rarity.
    • 91

      The A.V. Club

      It reinvents the zombie movie.
    • 91


      One Cut of the Dead is so heartfelt and hilarious that it’s easy to forgive the contrivances that hold it together, and to overlook how transparently Ueda reverse-engineers most of his best gags.
    • 90


      “One Cut” captures all the craziness and exhilaration of movie-making on a minuscule budget. High-energy performances from a cast of little-knowns are perfectly tuned to the material. The outstanding technical package is a great example of how to create a Poverty Row look for what’s actually a very sophisticated filmmaking exercise.
    • 80

      The Guardian

      It’s a movie that rescues the tired zombie trope – without insisting on metaphor or satire.
    • 80

      The Observer (UK)

      For a movie about the undead, Japanese director Shin’ichirô Ueda’s horror comedy is certainly lively.

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