A lone drifter suffering from partial memory loss accepts a job to look after a psychologically troubled woman in an abandoned house on an isolated island.

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    • Jonathan FrenchIsaac
    • Leila SykesOlga
    • Ben CaplanMoe Barrett
    • Conor DwaneOlga's Dad
    • Inma PavonOlga's Mother


    • 75

      Caveat is a masterpiece of understatement for a title, and a witty opener to Damian Mc Carthy’s directorial debut, an impressive and often terrifying film, taking place almost solely in one location, with two people trapped in a moldy dimly-lit house.
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      Paste Magazine

      With a tight 87-minute runtime, Caveat would have made for a perfectly lean chiller had it opted to maximize the claustrophobia inherent in literally chaining the viewer to one terrifying location for the entirety of the film.
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      Caveat exists in a liminal space between genres, which is fitting for a film about the skeletons that might hide inside the walls of an old house. However, Mc Carthy’s mix-and-match approach reveals the story’s need for a more solid foundation.
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      The Guardian

      The final endgame is a little unsatisfying, but this is a very interesting debut for McCarthy.
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      Los Angeles Times

      Caveat is like a gothic horror tone poem, with pungent notes of decay.
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      The Film Stage

      The visuals ooze creepiness, even if the payoff doesn’t arrive until the very end.
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      Mc Carthy serves up a generically foreboding premise and pulls off several efficiently traditional jump scares in this variation on a haunted-house formula, but it’s the shape-shifting mind games of his own narrative that most unnerve the viewer, as seemingly fixed plot points of who is under threat — and when, and why, and so on — keep darting out of sight.