Hard Paint

    Hard Paint


    Pedro earns a living in chat rooms. He transforms himself into NeonBoy in front of the webcam. Slowly, this young man dips his fingers into pots of coloured paint and glides them across his naked body. But things change when Pedro notices that somebody is imitating his performances. He agrees to go on a date with his mysterious rival. This rendezvous will have far-reaching consequences.

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      • Shico MenegatPedro
      • Bruno FernandesLeo
      • Guega PeixotoLuiza
      • Sandra DaniAvó
      • Frederico VasquesBeto
      • Arlyson GomesWilliam
      • Denis GoschIgor
      • Camila FalcãoPaula
      • Kaya RodriguesAna
      • Áurea BaptistaJuíza


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