Sue Ann is a loner who keeps to herself in her quiet Ohio town. One day, she is asked by Maggie, a new teenager in town, to buy some booze for her and her friends, and Sue Ann sees the chance to make some unsuspecting, if younger, friends of her own.

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    • Octavia SpencerSue Ann
    • Diana SilversMaggie
    • Juliette LewisErica
    • Corey FogelmanisAndy
    • McKaley MillerHaley
    • Tanyell WaiversGenie
    • Gianni PaoloChaz
    • Dante BrownDarrell
    • Allison JanneyDoctor Brooks
    • Luke EvansBen Hawkins


    • 80

      Arizona Republic

      Ma is one loony little horror film, and Octavia Spencer has a grand old time being the craziest thing in it.
    • 75

      Entertainment Weekly

      Even as the story descends into full bloody camp at its crescendo, Spencer holds the more ludicrous plot threads together.
    • 63

      Chicago Tribune

      Known for her lovable roles in "The Help" and "Hidden Figures," Spencer goes dark and sadistic with an enthusiastic glee, her signature smile (and those bangs!), and she creates one of the most memorable horror villains in recent history. She makes "Ma" worth it.
    • 60

      The Guardian

      Spencer works hard to keep us on her side and it’s her messy, melancholic character work that endures, a portrait of a woman broken and breaking those around her that’s really quite hard to shake. Ma is a few more drafts from perfection but the actor playing her is the real deal.
    • 59


      Attempts to be a psychological campy thriller but gets so lost in trying to construct a message that all the exaggerated thrills die before even lifting off.
    • 50

      Movie Nation

      It’s just that there’s much to recommend it outside of those failings, sharp observations about the trap of small town life and the persona you take on in your teens than you never escape, the casual cruelty of teenagers that can (in the movies, anyway) leave scars that linger forever, the craving for acceptance that once denied, you never outgrow.
    • 50


      The suspense builds creepily enough, with a classic fake-out in a strong first act. But when the movie turns into full-blown horror, which it eventually sort of does, the pacing of the violence is all out of whack.
    • 50

      The Playlist

      Taylor’s film only really works if you turn off the rational part of your brain, which isn’t fully developed until you’re in your 20s anyway. If you can ignore the plot holes and gaps in logic, Ma is a fun, dumb time at the movies.

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