Wine Country

    Wine Country


    A group of friends head to the land of oaky Chardonnays and big, bold Cabernet Sauvignons for one member of the squad’s 50th birthday party.

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    • Amy PoehlerAbby
    • Maya RudolphNaomi
    • Rachel DratchRebecca
    • Ana GasteyerCatherine
    • Paula PellVal
    • Emily SpiveyJenny
    • Tina FeyTammy
    • Jason SchwartzmanDevon
    • Maya ErskineJade
    • Liz CackowskiLisa (Sommelier)


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      Wine Country shows that women in their 50s are in one of the best phases of their lives, a time to be celebrated, welcomed, and enjoyed with good friends and good wine.
    • 80

      The Guardian

      Wine Country is scrappy and, at times, misjudged but it’s also very, very funny with a cast of women whose collective charm makes the patchier moments forgivable. Watching it with wine helps too.
    • 75

      San Francisco Chronicle

      Judging by her funny, warm, drawn-from-life feature directing debut Wine Country, Amy Poehler is a gracious friend. She and screenwriters Emily Spivey and Liz Cackowski ensure that the many former “Saturday Night Live” performers and writers assembled for this Napa Valley-set Netflix comedy get moments to shine.
    • 70

      The Hollywood Reporter

      Poehler's adept at showcasing not just the comic gifts of her cast, whose decades-long friendships began in improv theaters and at SNL, but also the joyful vamping that connects their characters.
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      The friends we see on-screen are equally close in real life, and the outing depicted in Wine Country was inspired by similar trips they’ve made together. That explains the second-nature chemistry that makes them so much fun to watch, even when the shenanigans...leave one longing for the outrageousness of an all-female studio comedy like “Bridesmaids” or “Girls Trip.”
    • 60

      Los Angeles Times

      It isn’t good, exactly — as boozy friend-reunion comedies go, it’s no “Girls Trip” or “The World’s End” — but it has its ticklish grace notes, plus some first-rate second and third bananas, despite a script that seems to be working both too hard and not hard enough.
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      Slant Magazine

      The film’s relatively static approach to narrative works in scenes where the material is funny or elevated by a certain performance.
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      Rolling Stone

      It’s clear that a verité, fly-on-the-wall record of these SNL livewires on vacation would have made a hilarious documentary. What we have instead follows the Sitcom 101 formula.

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