The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    María, a girl from Colonia Dignidad, in Chile —a kind of sectarian community, tyrannically mastered by the ruthless Paul Schäfer, a German madman, religious fanatic and child predator, who would end up turning the place into a torture center at the service of the military dictatorship ruled by Augusto Pinochet—, is punished for having lost three pigs, so she decides to run away and take refuge in an abandoned house hidden in the forest.

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    • Amalia KassaiMaría / Ana / Pedro (voice)
    • Rainer KrauseWolf (voice)
    • Karina HylandIntroduction Actor
    • Carlos CociñaIntroduction Actor
    • Natalia GeisseIntroduction Actor
    • Javiera RamirezIntroduction Actor


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