Earthquake Bird

    Earthquake Bird


    Tokyo, Japan, 1989. Lucy Fly, a foreigner who works as a translator, begins a passionate relationship with Teiji, a mysterious man obsessed with photography.

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    • Alicia VikanderLucy Fly
    • Riley KeoughLily Bridges
    • Naoki KobayashiTeiji Matsuda
    • Kiki SukezaneNatsuko
    • Yoshiko SakumaMrs. Yamamoto
    • Ken YamamuraDet. Oguchi
    • Kazuhiro MuroyamaDet. Kameyama
    • Crystal KaySinger
    • Akiko IwaseMs. Katō
    • Jack HustonBob Johnson


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      Screen Daily

      Everyone here appears to be revelling in the juicy opportunities Earthquake Bird brings to hit up our memories of everything from Fatal Attraction to Single White Female.
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      Westmoreland approaches the project every bit as respectful toward Japanese customs as Jones was, although only a percentage of her insights carry over to the film. They’re still there, mind you, but more difficult to detect.
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      The Guardian

      I was less taken with the wait-is-this-really-happening moments that tend to undermine the emotional currency in which the drama is presented to us. Some real tremors, though.
    • 58


      While too muddled and morose to hold together as a psychosexual thriller, Wash Westmoreland’s Earthquake Bird can be compelling for how it both explores and subverts the idea that everyone gets a little bit lost in translation.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      This solidly crafted Ridley Scott production is sprinkled with classy ingredients, including Alicia Vikander as headline star. But it is also a fairly flat treatment of over-familiar plot elements, and fatally low on the key psycho-thriller elements of suspense, surprise and dread.
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      Los Angeles Times

      Try as he might, Westmoreland can’t muster the same portraiture skills with a woman of mystery and brokenness that he’s shown with bold, expressive types (“Still Alice,” “Colette”).
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      The New York Times

      For all its consideration, while Earthquake Bird adds up to a “real” movie, it’s too polite to add up to an entirely compelling one.
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      Netflix's Earthquake Bird is a not particularly engaging thriller featuring an inert performance from Alicia Vikander.

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