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    Cold War spy Greville Wynne and his Russian source try to put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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    • Benedict CumberbatchGreville Wynne
    • Merab NinidzeOleg Penkovsky
    • Rachel BrosnahanEmily Donovan
    • Jessie BuckleySheila Wynne
    • Angus WrightDickie Franks
    • Kirill PirogovGribanov
    • Iva ŠindelkováEmbassy Assistant
    • Vladimir ChuprikovNikita Khrushchev
    • Fred HaigLee
    • Emma PenzinaNina


    • 75

      Entertainment Weekly

      Ironbark might not be a great film in the end, but it is a satisfying good one — a story that’s at its best when it colors outside the black and white (or Communist red, as it were) lines of war and hones in on the real, fallible men and women who fight it, one quiet inglorious step at a time.
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      The Playlist

      Dominic Cooke’s Ironbark is blessed with fantastic turns from Benedict Cumberbatch, Jessie Buckley and Rachel Brosnahan to up the stakes and make it all feel a bit fresher than it actually is.
    • 70


      A triumphant, inspiring movie about the heroism of human decency, Ironbark is a rock solid spy drama that, if it came out 20 years ago, would have easily become a mainstay on TNT or TBS. Hollywood doesn’t make movies like this very often anymore, and if does prove to be part of a last gasp of character-focused period thrillers, at least the genre is going out with some style.
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      Film Threat

      Benedict Cumberbatch proves yet again he’s a star and Merab Ninidze is equally brilliant at his Russian counterpart.
    • 67

      The Film Stage

      Ultimately, Cooke and company do a satisfactory job of telling an incredible story.
    • 60

      The Guardian

      There’s a whiff of familiarity haunting almost every scene and while it would have been rewarding to see Cooke and O’Conner take a few chances or add some more emotional depth, it’s a satisfying enough watch, best viewed with little investment and low expectations.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      Though it never transforms into a grade-A spy thriller, the film boasts action that's briefly quite involving.
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      Screen Daily

      This spy drama is bolstered by Benedict Cumberbatch’s stripped-down performance, and there’s plenty of pungent Cold War suspense to savour. And yet, Ironbark feels like a bit of a missed opportunity: The earnestness doesn’t necessarily do justice to the inherently absorbing material.