Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

    Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway


    CIA agents Palmer and Gagano are tasked with the perilous mission of destroying “The Soviet Union!" As they enter the system using a VR simulation, their mission quickly turns into a delirious trap, far more complex than expected, as the fabric of reality starts unraveling around them. A cornucopia of stylistic influences, virtuosic cinematic techniques, and set design (ranging from stop-motion animation to stylized live-action), Llanso’s latest blends inter-dimensional intrigue, spy-fi, kung-fu, and Philip K. Dick-esque mind-melting weirdness to achieve truly unclassifiable results.

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    • Daniel TadesseAgent D.T. Gagano
    • Agustín MateoAgent Palmer Eldritch / Batfro
    • Guillermo LlansóStalin / Roy Mascarone /D.T. Gagano(Cartoon)/ Stalin's Assistant
    • Solomon TasheBatfro
    • Gerda-Annette AllikasMalin
    • Rene KösterCaptain Lagucci
    • Lauri LagleAlfons Rebane
    • Carlo PirontiMr. Sophistication
    • Iveta PoleCIA Professor
    • Āris RozentālsJiminy Cricket