Take Me Somewhere Nice

    Take Me Somewhere Nice


    A teen raised in the Netherlands by her single mother travels to their native Bosnia to visit the father who left them, as he’s been admitted to a rural hospital. Joined by her cousin and his best friend, they hit the road.

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    • Sara Luna ZoricAlma
    • Lazar DragojevićDenis
    • Ernad PrnjavoracEmir
    • Sanja Burić
    • Jasna Đuričić
    • Mario Knezović
    • Emir Hadžihafizbegović
    • Ali ZijlstraSales girl
    • Alena DžeboAttendant at bus station


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      The Playlist

      Multinational Alma (Sara Luna Zorić, excellent) is at the edge of womanhood, gazing into a fractured world that reflects — what else? — a fractured self. Displacement gives rise to the unhomely, the uncanny. Ena Sendijarević’s playful, delightful Take Me Somewhere Nice frames and articulates this spatial and psychological confusion, offering emotional distance against sharp material proximity.
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      The Film Stage

      Poking fun at those who left and those who couldn’t, Take Me Somewhere Nice conjures up a love letter to a restless generation mired in a frustrated quest for belonging — one that stretches far beyond the country and time it’s set in, and reads as an engrossing, bittersweet memoir.
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      The Observer (UK)

      What differentiates Sendijarević’s film, however, is the hot-blooded current of feminine lust that runs through it. Zorić’s Alma stomps, pouts and scowls her way through the film, aware of her sexual power and unafraid to use it to her advantage.
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      Slant Magazine

      From beneath defensive layers of distanced comic despair emerges a sincere story about a young woman’s emotional reconciliation with her troubled place of origin.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      Rocky roads to romance, self-realization and adulthood are quirkily mapped in Take Me Somewhere Nice, a distinctive and ultimately quite promising debut by Bosnian-born Dutch writer-director Ena Sendijarevic.
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      Screen Daily

      There’s an oddball intrigue and a dry absurdist humour to this journey which largely transcends the uneven pacing
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      The Guardian

      It’s an amusing and diverting film that, with a series of ellipses and jumps, finally takes us to an unexpected world of fear and grief – and then back again, to stylised unseriousness. An engaging debut, which Sendijarević will follow up with more substance to go with the style.
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      Take Me Somewhere Nice has fun with the ride yet feels too derivative to leave much of an impression beyond a few vibrantly colored images.

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