Last Christmas

    Last Christmas


    Kate is a young woman who has a habit of making bad decisions, and her last date with disaster occurs after she accepts work as Santa's elf for a department store. However, after she meets Tom there, her life takes a new turn.

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    • Emilia ClarkeKate Andrich
    • Henry GoldingTom Webster
    • Michelle YeohSanta
    • Emma ThompsonPetra Andrich
    • Lydia LeonardMarta Andrich
    • Boris IsakovićIvan Andrich
    • Rebecca RootDr. Addis
    • Ingrid OliverPolice Woman Crowley
    • Laura EvelynPolice Woman Churchill
    • Patti LuPoneJoyce


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      The A.V. Club

      As escapist comfort-food cinema goes, this is a stick-to-your-ribs, tryptophan-coma-size helping.
    • 65


      Think of Last Christmas as director Paul Feig’s Christmas album; it won’t be the first comedy anyone thinks about in his accomplished filmography, but viewers might find themselves reaching for it come December all the same.
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      While it won’t be remembered as one of the great Christmas films, Last Christmas delivers enough moments of heart and humour to keep the festive spirit alive.
    • 60


      Last Christmas isn't the assembly-line product it could have been, but nor is it as special as it seemingly intended to be.
    • 58


      Little about Last Christmas is that surprising, but as Hollywood continues to grapple with the idea that the rom-com still has legs and audiences are hungry for comfort food entertainment, it’s a welcome addition to a rebounding genre.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      It's a misfire by just about any measure, but it earns some warm feelings for its determination not to be like anything else currently in circulation.
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      The Playlist

      For all its flaws, Last Christmas isn’t a bad time, despite being a bad movie. Credit Clarke and Golding — or that rum-heavy egg nog you should drink before the opening credits.
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      The Guardian

      It might look the part, with the director Paul Feig successfully capturing the glossy, tourist-friendly London one would crave from such a film, but the script feels like a rejected first draft with unfunny filler one-liners and a scrappy, ill-thought through narrative. It’s a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift that’s filled with rotten turkey leftovers.

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