The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    In a small peaceful town, zombies suddenly rise to terrorize the town. Now three bespectacled police officers and a strange Scottish morgue expert must band together to defeat the undead.

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    • Bill MurrayChief Cliff Robertson
    • Adam DriverOfficer Ronnie Peterson
    • Tilda SwintonZelda Winston
    • Tom WaitsHermit Bob
    • Chloë SevignyOfficer Mindy Morrison
    • Steve BuscemiFarmer Frank Miller
    • Danny GloverHank Thompson
    • Selena GomezZoe
    • Caleb Landry JonesBobby Wiggins
    • Austin ButlerJack


    • 80

      The Telegraph

      This is a winningly eccentric film, as attuned in its own way to the rhythms of ordinary life as Jarmusch and Driver’s (even better) 2016 feature Paterson. But there is a pessimism gnawing away in its gut that can’t be laughed off.
    • 70

      The Hollywood Reporter

      It’s a minor, but most edible, bloody bonbon.
    • 70

      Screen Daily

      The film’s scattershot humour doesn’t always land, but even when it does it’s merely masking what is ultimately a gloomy portrait of our walking-dead existence.
    • 67


      If Jarmusch’s latest often feels as though it lacks a pulse, this star-studded parable is held together by one consistent truth: When Hell is full, the dead will walk the Earth. And when the Earth is fucked, the living will do whatever they can to sleepwalk through the nightmare.
    • 60

      The Guardian

      Jim Jarmusch’s undeadpan comedy is laconic, lugubrious and does not entirely come to life, despite many witty lines and tremendously assured performances by an A-list cast.
    • 50


      The Dead Don’t Die fancies itself a cutting-edge macabre comedy, but the truth is that it’s behind the curve of pop culture. That’s why it’s a disappointing trifle.
    • 50

      The A.V. Club

      The film feels like a creative resignation, too, meeting the end of the world with a shrug of tepid postmodern shtick. It puts despair itself in quotation marks.
    • 50

      Los Angeles Times

      You can share Jarmusch’s despair — I certainly do — and still find its expression here too tired, bloodless and self-satisfied by half.

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