Mercy Black

    Mercy Black


    A woman is sent to a mental institution after stabbing her classmate in an attempt to conjure an evil spirit called, Mercy Black. Fifteen years later she's released, and must save her nephew, who has become obsessed with the phenomenon.

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    • Daniella PinedaMarina
    • Austin AmelioWill
    • Elle LaMontAlice
    • Lee EddyMrs. Bellows
    • Miles EmmonsBryce
    • Janeane GarofaloDr. Ward
    • Sophianna SmithYoung Rebecca
    • Jamy LentzYoung Marina
    • Elke Boucher-DepewYoung Lily
    • Dylan GageSam


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      Los Angeles Times

      The film's mostly about one grown woman’s lingering regrets over that one dumb adolescent mistake, although Egerton doesn’t let his more serious themes get in the way of scaring the bejesus out of his audience. The result is a movie that’s a much better riff on the Slender Man urban legend than the terrible 2018 thriller of the same name.
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      While there are some creepy ideas in this surprise Netflix-Blumhouse offering, the quality of Mercy Black is strained.
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      Austin Chronicle

      Those satisfied with a few solid jump scares - of the Things-In-a-Mirror or Hands-on-the-Shoulder variety - will likely find just enough in Mercy Black to pass muster. It’s just a shame that a horror movie smart enough to ask all the right questions cannot seem to provide us with many answers.
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      If having their own Momo is Netflix’s latest attempt to grab viewers, they’re gonna need a much more disturbing monster.

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