A small town in an Argentinian province, 1975. The life of Claudio, a successful lawyer, gets complicated when he has a stupid quarrel with a stranger in a crowded restaurant.

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    • Darío GrandinettiClaudio
    • Andrea FrigerioSusana
    • Alfredo CastroDetective Sinclair
    • Laura GrandinettiPaula
    • Claudio Martínez BelVivas
    • Susana PampínProfessor
    • Rafael FedermanSantiago
    • Diego CremonesiThe Hippie / Dieguito
    • Rudy ChernicoffMago
    • Mara BestelliMabel


    • 80

      Film Threat

      Benjamin Naishtat directs with a steady hand and a strong vision. Pedro Sotero’s cinematography reveals the place and time in a respectful style that captures the period without satirizing it. This is a film that satisfies on every level and bears repeated viewings.
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      Screen Daily

      Writer/director Benjamin Naishtat’s subtle, twisting, state-of-the-nation drama works effectively as a noir-like thriller, and as an exploration of a country that has lost its moral compass.
    • 80


      Rojo is a witheringly provocative examination of temporary moral eclipse becoming permanent moral apocalypse.
    • 80

      The New York Times

      Adopting a cool, oblique yet accessible approach that complements the washed-out, nicotine-stained palette, Naishtat builds a modular narrative that increasingly bristles.
    • 80

      Los Angeles Times

      Rojo is a sophisticatedly entertaining reminder of our propensity for malevolent apathy.
    • 80


      With each subplot reinforcing the simmering sense of unease, this compelling recreation of a pernicious period soberingly exposes the ease with which morality can become a casualty of human nature.
    • 75

      The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

      The detective plot is shaggy and never fully resolves itself, but the implications of the story resonate like a distant drum.
    • 75

      Slant Magazine

      It masterfully sustains a sense of “wrongness” that will be felt even by those unfamiliar with Argentina’s history.

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