The Red Phallus

    The Red Phallus


    Sangai, a teenage girl living with her father in a village of inland Bhutan, is not happy with her father, who makes wooden phalluses, believed to have mysterious power, and playing a festival clown with a red mask at a local festival. She reluctantly delivers the phalluses to neighbors but she is followed by dozens of men with red masks and costumes when walking through the hill. Conflict and tension grows between the father, who has concerns about his successor, and Sangai, who has a clandestine relationship with a married man.

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      • Tshering EudenSangay
      • SingyePassa
      • Dorji GyeltshenAp Atsara
      • Choten WangchukSchool principal
      • Phub WangmoOld woman
      • Sangay LhamoPassa's wife
      • Gyem TsheringPassa's son
      • Rada WangmoPassa's daughter
      • TshomoAum Zam


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      • MARTIN