De Pernas pro Ar 3

    De Pernas pro Ar 3


    Alice Segretto is more agitated than ever. The success of her chain of stores Sexy Delícia takes the businesswoman on a tour around the world. Working endlessly, Alice realizes that she has not been able to keep up with her family, which has also grown. Conflict sets in: how to reconcile this insane life with her family? Impetuously, Alice makes a curious decision, deciding to retire and hand over the business to her mother. But when a competitor comes up with a plan to steal the scene, Alice's life is once again flipped legs in the air.

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      • Ingrid GuimarãesAlice Segretto
      • Bruno GarciaJoão Luiz Segretto
      • Denise WeinbergMarion
      • Cristina PereiraRosa
      • Samya PascottoLeona
      • Eduardo MeloPaulinho
      • Duda BatistaClarinha
      • Maria PaulaMarcela
      • Cauã ReymondCauã Reymond
      • Stepan NercessianEliseu Duarte


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