The Djinn

    The Djinn


    A mute boy is trapped in his apartment with a sinister monster when he makes a wish to fulfill his heart’s greatest desire.

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    • Ezra DeweyDylan Jacobs
    • Rob BrownsteinMichael Jacobs
    • Tevy PoeMichelle Jacobs
    • John EricksonThe Djinn
    • Donald PittsThe Old Man
    • Jilbert DanielMover
    • Isaiah DellThe Boy in Pink
    • Omaryus LuckettThe Boy in Blue
    • Collin JoeThe Boy in Red


    • 100

      Film Threat

      The Djinn is scary and harrowing with a shocking and impactful ending. The acting is perfect, and the visuals are a masterclass in creating tension.
    • 75

      New Orleans Times-Picayune

      As effective as it is, The Djinn won’t conjure up nearly as many eyeballs as Spiral, but those who watch it won’t be disappointed — although they might never look at I Dream of Jeannie the same way ever again.
    • 75

      The Playlist

      it’s a flawed but welcome throwback.
    • 70

      The New York Times

      The film betrays its own less-is-more philosophy and becomes weighed down by exposition — but it’s a tense, thrilling ride nonetheless.
    • 70


      This lean thriller doesn’t provide much food for thought, but it delivers a compact dose of extreme jeopardy.
    • 70


      Suspenseful, sinister and bittersweet, The Djinn is a cut-throat example of how effective horror can be with succinct decisions around dialogue and theatrics.
    • 67

      Austin Chronicle

      With their debut, Charbonier and Powell proved a rare grasp of childhood horror, and keeping the perspective of youth among adult sins. The Djinn is even more reliant on that ability, and on their extraordinary relationship with the returning Dewey.
    • 63

      Movie Nation

      This isn’t anybody’s idea of a new horror classic. But The Djinn takes a basic story and delivers the basic jolts and frights we expect from it. No more, no less.