Leaving Neverland: ProSieben Spezial

    Leaving Neverland: ProSieben Spezial


    The world is talking about 'Leaving Neverland. In our ProSieben special, we ask questions that the documentary doesn't, and look at the most important moments in the life of the superstar. In addition, we explore the question of how the new allegations change the view of Michael Jackson's overall work. This helps to classify the special documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

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      • Michael JacksonSelf (archive footage)
      • Wade RobsonSelf
      • Joe RobsonSelf - Mother of Wade Robson
      • Chantal RobsonSelf - Sister of Wade
      • James SafechuckSelf (as James Safechuck)
      • Stephanie SafechuckSelf - Mother of James Safechuck
      • Macaulay CulkinSelf (archive footage)
      • Lisa Marie PresleySelf - Former Wife of Michael
      • Britney SpearsSelf (archive footage)
      • Laura PrimakSelf - Wife of Jimmy Safechuck


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